Increase Basket Size With Style Based Recommendations

Increase Basket Size with Style Based Recommendations

Unlike other recommendation engines, estylo makes suggestions based on the style of the product so people end up buying more things that look similar and fit together.
Same traffic, same products but more sales/revenue per customer.

We’ll help you set it up too! Get more sales, or your money back!

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Items Purchased

❌ With Normal Recommendations

Visitors received random recommendations and were not inclined to buy more

Items Purchased

✅ With Style Based Recommendations

Visitors received style based recommendations 
making it very easy to buy more items

The Old Way

Honestly, is this how you make people buy 2-3x more from you?

If customers don't easily find these items this is what will happen...

They will give up and not buy more

People like easy shopping experiences, if they have to browse through many product pages they will lose interest and not buy more products.

❌ Difficult to find products 
❌ Too much browsing
❌ They lose enthusiasm to buy more 

They will buy more, but not from you!

Your competitors providing a better shopping experience will be happy to take the visitors which couldn’t find the products they wanted in your store

❌ Can’t easily find similar style products
❌ They think about that other store
❌ Increased chances to go somewhere else

How it Works

Here's How estylo Will Increase Your Avg Basket Size

People want several products of the same style, not just one! the easier we make it, the more they will buy from you. Here's how!

No historical data needed. We can help you set it up
and you’ll have it up and running in days.

Step 1

Users choose a product in the style they like

Estylo recognizes the visual features of the product, like shapes, colors, textures.

It’s easy because estylo only needs product images.

You don’t need any historic, personal, or transactional data from your visitors.

Step 2

Recommend Products in a Similar Style

estylo has all products in your inventory sorted by visual style and will display products with a similar visual style.

We can sort everything across all brands and all of your product portfolio (even if you have millions of items).

You can even customize the criteria for the recommendations!

Step 3

Even Recommend Products in Other Categories!

estylo also finds similar looking products in other product categories so your customers find more of what they like and increase their basket size.

They come in for 1 item and end up buying 2-3 (instead of looking in another store)!

Step 4

Product Portfolio Changed? It Updates Automatically

Everytime you add a new product, estylo automatically updates itself to include the new products in the style classification.

You don’t need to be manually updating the system, let estylo do the work!

Works even if you have millions of items!

ROI Guarantee

The best part? If you don't get more sales, you won't pay for the month!

No commissions. No gimmicks. No hidden fees. We offer simple tiered pricing so you don’t overpay for commission on the revenue that should be yours in the first place.

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People want several products of the same style, not just one! the easier we make it, the more they will buy from you. Here's how!

✅ Easy setup – our team will help you
✅ Starts working immediately – No need to have historical data
✅ Cancel at any time – No cancelations fees either!

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