How it works

“The technology developed by estylo is of strategic importance for us, it is unique in the market and it will allow us to grow our e-commerce business”

Rudolf Janis, CEO Sanitino, s.r.o.

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What is estylo?

Estylo is a visual product recommendation engine that uses cutting edge AI technologies to identify styles based on product images. It can quantify and compare the styles across ranges of products and allows for a more personalized shopping experience.

Why to choose estylo

A truly personalized shopping experience

Each client is unique and has their own taste for design. estylo makes it possible to infer the desired style of your online store buyers and to offer products in the same style.

Increased basket size

Your clients will be offered style-matching products across all the brands and product categories in your inventory.

Endless possibilities

Estylo is always tailored to your needs so you can retain your unique business essence. estylo can also be used as a technology for creating engaging experiences, such as virtual assistants, style finders, or more elaborate product filters. The possibilities are endless.

A smarter inventory management

In addition, estylo automatically groups all the products in your inventory by their style proximity. This allows for more efficient inventory management. Spotting trends in design is another feature of estylo.

Easy integration, safe and robust

Estylo employs state-of-the-art backend technologies that allow fast and easy integration with your existing IT infrastructure. The underlying database and scalable services can run on your own hardware or on any cloud hosting service.

AI for competitive advantage

With so many online stores emerging every day, their differentiation comes through personalization. estylo was developed in Q2/2020 and it implements the latest AI models. This new approach makes other recommendation systems obsolete - these tools require vast amounts of data and are typically restricted to information on what other people have bought, or on purchase history.

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About Us

At estylo we believe people are unique, and each of us has a unique visual style in mind. We employ AI to learn and decipher artistic styles in order to provide a tailored style recommendation to each client.

Estylo is a technology developed by GoodAI Solutions in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic, a city known for its beauty, iconic architectural styles, and arguably the best beer in the world. We are a group of Ph.D. level computer scientists and mathematicians with a flinch for art and style, and we have been developing cutting-edge AI solutions for major global firms for the last 5 years.

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